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As one of the branches of Shine Group, Shine Exhibition is a general contracting agency for high-tech exhibition, which integrates creative design, technological exhibition and engineering construction. It mainly provides integrated design and construction services for urban planning exhibition halls, theme pavilions, cultural museums, science and technology museums, real estate exhibition centers, park investment centers and enterprise exhibition halls.

Shine Exhibition adheres to the concept of “experience your dream” and takes high-tech interactions and visual art as means to innovate marketing scenes, create ideal exhibition experiences and help customers achieve their goals. We always persevere in exploration, innovation, research and development to go beyond ourselves  and pursue excellence step by step! After being challenged and sharpened, Shine is striding towards a better tomorrow.

2019-11-20 Industry News



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2019-11-15 Industry News


甬道式展示空间最早是在海洋馆的展示中使用。现在重道式也是大型展览会、博览会中较为流行的样式之。 甬道式展示空间的顶侧星封闭状态(有全封闭、半封闭两种),它视线集中,路线固定,便于完整地展示展品。甬道式设计占地较多,造价高且费时,但有独到的展示效果,对小型展览用得较少。

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