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Shine Model

As the pioneer of China’s architectural model industry and the most influential model company in China and even the world today, Shine Model, a branch of Shine Group, was founded in Shenzhen in 1993. It provides professional designs and creative services of intelligent digital model, commercial complex model, regional planning model, large-scale cultural tourism model, high-end residential model and comprehensive display model for famous domestic and foreign real estate enterprises, local governments and enterprises. The branches are set in Shanghai, Xi’an, Hefei,Wuhan,Chengdu, Kunming, Fuzhou and Sanya with over 30,000 square meters of factory buildings, over 1,500 employees and over 100 advanced machinery and equipment. The annual output value reaches more than 300 million yuan.

Over 20 years, Shine Model has always adhered to the spirit of “leading creativity and inheriting quality” and the mission of “creativity constructs a beautiful China”. Relying on first-class professionals, advanced technology and equipment and modern scientific management concept, it has become the first enterprise in the industry that is certified with ISO9001 quality system and has created 50,000+ exquisite model art works for many customers at home and abroad, of which, the Ocean Flower Island, Evergrande Children’s World, Wanda Xishuangbanna, Kunming Junfa New Luosiwan, Evergrande Jilin Water World, Haikou Wanda Cultural Tourism City and other projects have won extensive recognition and appreciation, leading the development of innovative technology in the model industry.

2019-11-21 Industry News



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2019-11-18 Industry News


赛野集团创意特色文旅小镇 投票已经结束啦 感谢每一个小伙伴们的热情参与~ 接下来我们将公布 前五名最受大家喜爱的文旅小镇项目 及中奖名单!!! 话不多说 赶紧来看看吧~

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2019-10-12 Corporate News

喜讯 | 赛野集团 福州体验馆盛大开业


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2019-08-15 Corporate News


2019年7月27日——29日,以“致敬新时代 · 向祖国70华诞献礼”为主题的信用中国年度盛典暨2019(第十五届)中国企业诚信与竞争力论坛在北京人民大会堂正式召开,该大会由中国商报社、《经济》杂志社、CCTV-《匠心》栏目组、中国商界杂志社等主办,参与本次大会的有全国人大、全国政协领导及相关部委办领导,以及戴尔、加多宝、海澜之家、飞利浦、海尔等各行业知数字沙盘名品牌。

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2019-06-28 Corporate News



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