How time flies! Looking back on the growing course of Shine for more than 20 years, I am really filled with emotion! The growth and development of Shine is inseparable from the historical opportunity of China's reform and opening up. It can even be said that Shine participated in and witnessed the great changes of China's reform and opening up as well as its urban construction.

Shine Model was founded in 1993. As the pioneer of China's architectural model industry, the works of Shine Model have spread throughout over China and around the world for decades. Today, Shine Model has become a well-known brand both inside and outside of this industry. Thanks to the same opportunity of era, CSC Landscape was established in 2000 in the same opportunity. In the past 20 years, as one of the earliest creative design companies to introduce the concept of landscape planning and design into China, CSC Landscape has actively contributed to the construction and development of China's urban landscape with its innovative design concepts and numerous excellent works.

With the development of China's urban construction and exhibition industry, Shine Exhibition came into being in 2005. It has presented many influential works in the fields of urban planning exhibition halls, real estate exhibition halls, enterprise exhibition halls, Party construction exhibition halls and cultural museums.

Shine has been constantly exploring and pursuing. In 2018, ShineDream Miniature World Theme Park opened in Shanghai. As a new business of Shine Group in China's cultural tourism sector, ShineDream Miniature World has created a new mode for China's cultural tourism industry.

Up to now, Shine has developed into a comprehensive creative group whose business involves four major sectors of architectural models, exhibitions, landscape design and cultural tourism. With the development opportunities endowed by the times, we have written a new chapter after another with the spirit of forging ahead.

We need new thinking in the new era and new achievements in the new journey. Facing the opportunities and challenges in the future, Shine Group is integrating its resources, self-renewing and upgrading the industrial form in order to build its competitiveness with culture, technology and creativity as its core. With the brand positioning as  "a creative group that constructs a beautiful China", Shine delivers the core value of "wisdom, innovation, integrity and care".

Thousands of sails are competing for the best, and we should ride the wind and cleave the waves. Shine Group is looking forward to cooperating sincerely with friends from all walks of life to create new glories in the new era!


Chairman of Shine Group